Hortex, Les Spécialistes De L'Horticulture Inc.

161 rue Bellefeuille

Châteauguay QC J6J 0A9



Installation of Lighting and Water Irrigation Systems

Installation of lighting and irrigation systems Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil

Perfect lighting

Our team will install lighting equipment in the most convenient spots to create beautiful lighting effects that enhance your home and landscaping. Your house will shine both during the day and at night!

Our services:
  • Irrigation system planning
  • Irrigation system installation
  • Creation of customized lighting system
  • Lighting installation
Our assets:
  • We have 30 years of experience in landscaping projects.
  • Use of quality artificial rocks (Stonescape)
  • Quality work
Our areas of intervention:

Greater Montreal :

  • South Shore
  • Island of Montreal
  • North Shore
  • West Island
  • Spectacular Lighting Effects


    An Irrigation System Adapted to Your Plants

    No need to personally water your plants anymore. Thanks to our irrigation system, your plants will receive the right amount of water they need to develop green foliage and deep roots. This system also allows you to reduce waste. In particular, if it has rained enough, the next watering session is cancelled.

    Installation of lighting and irrigation systems Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil

    A green and healthy garden all year round


    If you wish to highlight your garden’s style and create a warm atmosphere, or simply want to ensure your lawn and plants stay green, look no further than Hortex, Les Spécialistes De L'Horticulture. We will make your projects a reality.

    Contact us for any further information or to request a quote. 450-691-1884

    Thanks to our efficient irrigation system, your plants and lawn won’t dry out anymore.

    • Scheduling of irrigation according to authorized periods.
    • System: calculates the amount of rainwater and stops the watering session accordingly.
    • Quantified volume.
    • Water is distributed where needed.
    • Resistance to drought: extensive and healthy root system. If the plant is weak due to a lack of water, it won’t make it through a drought.
    • Thick lawns are more resistant to weeds.

    An extensive experience in landscaping projects