Hortex, Les Spécialistes De L'Horticulture Inc.

161 rue Bellefeuille

Châteauguay QC J6J 0A9




The first meeting

The project starts with a discussion to set out your needs and expectations. We will define the style and type of materials that will be used.

Afterwards, we can plan a budget. It is also at this point that the location certificate, photos and images, as well as a list of plants and materials that seem interesting to you, will be provided.


The designer will begin with existing and future structures such as the shed, pool, children's games and others. He will also plan circulation, rest and planting areas.

The choice of materials will play an essential role in the costing. Adjustments may be made to stay within the budget.

Process Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil
Process Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil

Work execution

Afterwards, we will need to locate the areas to be excavated according to the plan and prepare the foundations of the different structures to be built. It is here that we will plan and provide for electrical cables and irrigation pipes.

Project execution

Our construction team will install the blocks and paving stones in the shapes and volumes defined by the designer.

Process Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil
Process Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil

Project finalization

Finally, plants and grass will complete your garden landscaping.


Surplus materials and scrap are disposed of off-site. Irrigation systems and lighting are adjusted. One last sweep and you can relax in your garden!

Process Châteauguay Candiac Vaudreuil