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Stonescape landscaping works

Innovative and aesthetic solutions

StoneScape is a concrete surface that looks like natural stone.

Each stone is carved on-site by an experienced craftsman. The result is a unique, custom-made stone in the shape and colour that matches your needs.

Shapes and styles that are ideal for your landscaping project.

Our services:
  • Creation of waterfalls and cascades
  • Rocks, Cliffs, Rocky Capes
  • Climbing wall
  • Stairs & balconies
  • Stone arch
  • Low walls
  • Wine cellar
  • Thematic rocky environments
  • Swimming pool waterfalls
  • Falls
  • Water gardens & ponds
  • Water gardens & ponds
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Balconies & steps
  • Retaining walls
Our assets:
  • 30 years of experience
  • Passionate artists assisted by committed technicians
  • Exclusive innovative technology developer
  • Project management, turnkey
Our areas of intervention :

Eastern Canada :

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Maritime
  • Stonescape products offer endless possibilities


    No limits other than imagination

    Waterfalls, cascades, cliffs, climbing walls, huge monolithic stones, stone arches, wine cellars, outdoor kitchens, low walls... We carve stones of any texture in any shape or size.

    For example, your waterfall's stone may be equipped with a trough that channels water back into your pool.

    Your water garden may also feature huge artificial stones. If natural stones were used, costly heavy machinery (which is way too big to access your backyard anyway) would have been needed.

    Thanks to StoneScape, imagination is the limit!

    30 years of experience in landscaping projects


    Take advantage of the many services offered by Stonescape products for an original garden that reflects your personality.

    Contact us for any further information or to request a quote. 450-691-1884

    An extensive experience in landscaping projects